Council Releases 5-Year Strategic Plan

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The Town of Gander has released its long-term objectives and strategic
priorities through 2019. Entitled A Place to Belong, the 5-year strategic plan was tabled at Council’s Dec.
17 regular public meeting.
Gander Mayor Claude Elliott noted the document is, first and foremost, a reflection of the needs and
priorities of Citizens as determined through a comprehensive public consultation process.
“We were elected to represent our Citizens as policy-makers, so this document goes straight to the
heart of the democratic process,” he explained. “As a Council, we first have to understand where
residents want us to take the community moving forward, then it’s our job to make the brass-tacks
decisions and assign the necessary resources to achieve those goals.”
In addition to a wide-ranging online survey, an independent consultant facilitated public sessions and
sector-specific focus groups representing various business, recreational, cultural and social advocacy
groups to establish a set of priorities and goals envisioned for the community.
Infrastructure – led specifically by water and sewer capacity and treatment – tops the list, followed by
economic expansion in the areas of special event hosting, aerospace and retail development. Other
priorities include fostering community and culture, supporting an active lifestyle and enhancing the local
tourism experience. Each of these five pillars includes specific objectives which will be integrated into
the action plans of the Town’s various departments, and overall priorities will be reviewed annually prior
to each year’s budget process.

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