Council working with stakeholders to improve health care in the Central Northeast region

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With the aim of providing consistent medical services in Gander and area, Council is
working with the administration of Central Health, the Minister of Health and Community Services and
other community stakeholders to address issues related to the recruitment and retention of physicians.
Council has heard the concerns of our residents regarding the lack of specialists and general
practitioners, and the perceived “normalization” of reduced services at James Paton Memorial Regional
Health Centre.
It is understood that the elimination or disruption of one medical service can significantly impact others.
For example, a lack of obstetrical services in the Central Northeast region makes it more challenging to
attract pediatricians, general practitioners, etc.
It is Council’s position that access to essential health care services should be available within the Central
Northeast region.
Mayor Claude Elliott is calling for the support of all Councils in the Central Northeast region as we work
to ensure the best possible outcome in recruiting and retaining physicians to our area.

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