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Cobb's Pond Rotary Park was named in honor of Mr. Alexander Cobb, a worker with the Newfoundland Railway Project in 1892. It is a tranquil family park with much to offer.

There are picnic areas, play areas, a jetty and a 3- to 4-km boardwalk nature trail which meanders around the pond through wetlands and a forest composed of birch, aspen, fir and spruce trees. Along the trail there are several observation decks that afford visitors a chance to rest, stretch or simply pause to enjoy the scenic vistas and wildlife. There are numerous bird feeders located in trees near the trail, allowing an up-close view of the squirrels and various birds that inhabit the pond environment.

CobbsPond Access to the Newfoundland T'Railway can be gained via the Reid Co. Trail that is found approximately 750 metres from the trailhead. The pond is also a popular area for canoeing and is the annual location for the town's Gander Day celebrations. The municipal holiday falls on the first Monday of August each year, marking the culmination of the Town's week-long Festival of Flight.

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