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thomhowwelcThe Thomas Howe Demonstration Forest is an informal, outdoor interpretive site. It is a demonstration area for people to learn about the forest and forest management techniques in Newfoundland and Labrador. The forest consists 54 km2 (20.9 m2 ) of land located on the Gander International Airport Site. Thomas Howe was Newfoundland’s first Chief Woods Ranger and spent his life managing and protecting the forests of Newfoundland. Along with picnic and restroom facilities, the demonstration forest boasts a network of three interpretive walking trails.

The P.G. Tipping Trail emphasizes forest management practices in Newfoundland such as strip harvesting and clear cutting. This trail also features the remains of a B-17G plane from World War II.

The Albert Martin Trail is the longest trail in the network, and is well marked and groomed. The trail focuses on various forest management practices used in Newfoundland such as shelterwood cutting and patch cutting.

thohowThe Frank R. Hayward Trail begins at the parking lot by the interpretive pavilion. The trail is well marked and groomed, with directions and completion times for the other trails in the forest. This short walk concentrates on the ecology of forests and individual tree species.

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