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Current Public Notices



Posted: November 20, 2014

The Town of Gander advises that winter parking restrictions are in effect from Nov. 1, 2014, up to and including April 30, 2015.

During this time, no vehicle shall be parked on any street between midnight and 8 a.m., regardless of weather conditions, nor may any vehicle be parked such as to impede or interfere with snow clearing operations at any time of the day or night, at any time of the year.

Citizens are also reminded that it is illegal to throw, sweep, shovel or place snow or ice from any private property upon any Town street or sidewalk, or such that it obstructs access to fire hydrants.

Snow clearing regulations include Sections 23-26 of Town of Gander Traffic Regulations, which are available from the Department of Municipal Works and Services at Town Hall or in PDF format by clicking here. A detailed description of the Town's snow clearing priorities and procedures can be found by clicking here. For a simpler explanation of the regulations and why we need them, read our 'Snow Clearing: Frequently Asked Questions' in PDF format by clicking here.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation in keeping our streets and sidewalks clear and safe throughout the year.

Garry Brown
Town Clerk


Posted: November 12, 2014

Homeowners wishing to mark driveway corners for the snow clearing season are urged to use commercially available markers topped with reflectors.

If using rebar, a large nut or similar cap should be securely fixed to the top to avoid danger of impalement should the rod become covered with snow.

Markers should be placed no closer than one metre from the concrete curb or sidewalk, so as not to interfere with snow clearing equipment.


Posted: September 25, 2014

The Town of Gander waste transfer station on McCurdy Drive will be accepting refuse on selected Saturdays only, year-round, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. each Saturday.

Residents are encouraged to use this facility for all household debris and surplus items that cannot otherwise be reused, re-purposed or recycled. Click here for transfer station drop-off fees in PDF format.

During 2015, the waste transfer station will accept materials on the following Saturdays:

January 3
February 7
March 7
April 18
May 2
June 20
July 18
August 15
September 12 & 26
October 10 & 24
November 21
December 19


Posted: March 12, 2012

The Town of Gander, in conjunction with the Civic Enhancement Committee, has adopted a Memorial Park Bench and Tree Placement Program for public and business participation. The program provides the opportunity to purchase a tree and/or bench for many occasions, i.e., in memory of a loved one, in honour of a dedicated service member, family celebrations, etc. This program is tax deductible.

For more information, please contact the Town of Gander at 651-5927 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . The program will serve as a remembrance to many people for years to come. 


Posted: January 20, 2012

The Town of Gander advises residents and businesses that the municipal landfill site on Gander Bay Road has been permanently closed by order of the Provincial Government. No further access to this site will be permitted and regulations regarding illegal dumping will be strictly enforced.

Curbside collection of residential garbage and recyclables will continue as per existing schedules, however, businesses, building contractors and homeowners planning or engaged in major renovations are responsible to ensure that all non-recyclable refuse is transported to the Norris Arm Regional Waste Management Facility. Several companies offer commercial waste collection/disposal services on either a scheduled or on-demand basis.

Commercial cardboard should continue to be directed to VON Broadening Horizons Recycling, located at the Scotia Recycling Green Depot, 325 Garrett Drive.

Meanwhile, residents are reminded that with the closure of the Municipal Landfill, the Town must pay by weight for use of the Norris Arm facility, and this cost forms a significant portion of municipal taxation. Residents are urged to divert as much waste as possible from curbside, through recycling of containers and paper products and composting of organic waste.

Visit the VON Broadening Horizons Recycling website at for information on materials accepted for recycling or to purchase a backyard composter at a subsidized unit price.

Major appliances and other metals will be accepted at Central Metals (1983) Limited, 53 McCurdy Drive, during normal business hours.

To assist residents in removal of refuse other than regular household waste, the Town will conduct clean-up week collection several times per year.

For more information on the Norris Arm Regional Waste Management Facility, including fees, procedures and accepted materials, please contact the Central Newfoundland Waste Management Authority at 709-653-2900, or visit their website at


Posted: April 18, 2011

The Town of Gander reminds residents that Garbage and Refuse Regulations require that household garbage be placed at the concrete curb no earlier than 6 a.m. and no later than 8 a.m. on your scheduled collection day.

A limit of six (6) bags per household will be accepted on each scheduled collection day. Empty containers and any garbage/refuse not collected under these regulations must be removed from the curb before 8:30 p.m. the same day.

Please heed the following guidelines for safe disposal of hazardous items:
• Needles must be in a container such as steel or heavy plastic that will prevent accidental puncture to those collecting it.
• Broken glass should be placed in a separate container and marked as such.
• Hot coals/ashes must not be put out for collection.

Complete Garbage and Refuse Regulations, along with the regular collection schedule, may be found by clicking here, or by calling the Public Works Depot at 651-5938.





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