Public Notice: Curbside Give-Away Weekend

Posted On Thursday August 06, 2020


Curbside Give-Away Weekend
September 26-27, 2020

One person’s trash is another person’s treasure! 

To compensate for the lost recycling opportunity, due to the cancellation of this year’s Gigantic Yard Sale, the Town will be holding a Curbside Give-Away Weekend. By placing your unwanted, but reusable items, to the curb, they could become someone else’s treasure.

Residents should place a “FREE” sign on the items at the curbside to ensure there is no confusion.  Treasure hunters can remove items with a “FREE” sign but should remember to respect people’s property when participating.

Treasures should not be placed at curbside before 8 a.m. on September 26th. Treasures not retrieved by others must be brought back in by dusk Sunday, September 27th.

Examples of “treasures” to set out for the giveaway include:

  • books,
  • CDs,
  • DVDs,
  • furniture,
  • small appliances,
  • sports equipment,
  • toys,
  • tools, and construction materials.

Please note: The Annual Spring Clean up will take place on September 28th-October 9th. 

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