The Town of Gander will hold a by-election for one vacant council seat.
Candidate Profiles
**The views expressed in these profiles are the views of the candidates and they are not endorsed by the Town of Gander.
Profiles are reproduced as submitted by the candidates and the content has not been altered in any way.**

Oswald Fudge

Platform: I think there is a real need for affordable housing and places to rent. This could be the biggest stumbling block for Ganders Growth.

Continue to put pressure on the provincial Government to make sure obstetrics get reinstated at James Peyton hospital as soon as possible.

Continue to meet with gold exploration companies to maximise benefits for Gander.

Tourism is becoming a major part of Gander's growing economy, we have to increase funding to continue to promote Gander.

Economic Development: Ganders future looks so bright, more buisinesses want to set up in Gander, we have to be ready.

Hire more municipal police officers, with the increase in crime in Gander, there is a need for more patrols later into the night.
Multiplex and second ice surface.

There is a real need for easy access to mental health facilties in Gander,as well as more family doctors, we have to put pressure on the provincial government to make this happen.

Biography: I was born in Lewisporte, grew up in Gander. I married a Gander girl, Doreen Young and have three children, Lisa, Jamie and Kevin, two of which live here in Gander.

I spent 38 years in policing, that includes RCMP, Alberta Highway Patrol and 30 years with the Gander Municipal Police, retiring in 2017. In 2014 I was awarded Police Officer of the year in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador.

I coached St Pauls girls Basketball, Gander Collegiate girls basketball and Gander Collegiate girls and boys volleyball.

I volunteered for the Gander Collegiate Breakfast Program, I was involved with Law Enforcement Torch Run, where I received an award for top fundraiser for the province. I have also been involved with Cops For Cancer, fundraising for the Gander and Area SPCA, Boys and Girls Club and the Royal Canadian Legion in Gander.

I was President of the ATV federation for the province and President of the Municipal Police Association.

As you can see, I have been actively part of the community for over 30 years. Im proud to say Gander is my hometown and ive played a part in Gander's past, I also want to play a part in Gander's future. On June 13th I humbly ask for your trust and vote

Contact Information:


Phone: 709-571-2623

Social Media and/or Website:

Facebook- Elect Oz Fudge For Gander Town Council
Facebook- Oswald Fudge

Wayne Lorenzen

Platform: My platform consists of 3 main aspects;

1. Increased municipal enforcement. Despite very strong recommendations from a tax funded report to increase our police presence, they were ignored by council due to budget cuts. This is unacceptable. Priority must be given to both fire and policing services. Our 2 essential public services. We are growing exponentially and the decision to reduce our policing was a wrong one. I will focus on returning staffing to the same levels as when I was chair of public safety.

2. We are in a housing crisis. Getting a reasonable priced place to stay in this town is getting near impossible for students or low income families. The program was put in place years ago by council and has been compounded by greed from landlords and lack of proper dormitories for students. I seen this 1st hand in assisting my students at GFT find a place to live. Another trend is the Air B&B increase in town. This needs to be reviewed as it takes away housing opportunities.

3. I walk this town with my dogs and have noticed an alarming increase in ATV drivers motoring around town like they are roadworthy cars. They are not. (See #1}.

Biography: I’ve lived here all my life. Raised a family here and retired here with NavCanada. I enjoyed that for a couple years, enjoyed my many hobbies and volunteering around town. I was headhunted by the local flying school and graduated many students as ground school instructor. After 4 years there I’m ready to return to council and make my mark once again. I served as a national VP of my union local for 17 years and picked up my debating and conflict resolution skills from that experience.

I’ve always been physically active and ran a very successful Karate school for many years. I’ve influenced many youth in this town that still thank me to this day for helping them on their life’s journey. That’s why having proper recreation facilities are critical for youth. The new track plans were put in place when I was chair of recreation.

6 months ago I had no desire to run again. I’m putting my name and reputation out here again so as to utilize my many years of experience to help fix our ongoing issues. I love to think outside the box and find creative solutions and new ideas. If you’re looking for a candidate that will represent you with dedication and experience, please vote for me. I will give 110%.

Contact Information:


Phone: 709-235-0366

Social Media and/or Website: Facebook - Wayne Lorenzen for Gander Town Council

Corey Newhook

Platform: I beleive the foundation of a safe, healthy and sustainable Community have three fundamental elements. I will strive to implement and promote this foundation.

- Principles: Transparency, Honesty, Integrity, Good decision making, Strong leadership, Regular Communication, Safety and Continuous improvement.

- Goals: Implement existing core values into our organization that include *Accountability, * Integrity, * Innovation, *Teamwork, *Responsiveness. Reinstate full compliment of four Municipal Enforcement Officiers with collaboration with the local RCMP detachment on solid solutions to small crime in our community. Reduce our Service/Debt Ratio to allow more tax payers money to be spent on services and community infrastructure. Find and implement efficiencies in core services like snow clearing and infrastructre maintenance. Implement sidewalk snowclearing program. Traffic light install for Fire Hall Emergencies and Pedestrian Safety at the East Gate Subdivision Intersection. Keep current Green Space in place. Open Recreation facilities as soon as weather permits.

- Strategies: Regular communication with Residents and the Business Community on outstanding issues. Partner with Developers for housing initatives. Partner with Government and stakeholders on low income housing projects. Work with the local RCMP detachment on residents concerns.

Biography: I am 42 years old, born and raised in Gander third generation. I have three amazing children, a beautiful spouse, two kittys and a dog. Myself and my spouse have spent the past half dozen years raising our family and growing our property for Hens, Ducks and Pigs. I am a very down to earth person who enjoys the simple things in life; time at the cabin, camper, hunting, fishing and caring for animals. I also love a good yarn with folks to get to know them and their lives.

I am a Certified Professional Engineering Technologist with 16 years of experience. 14 of those years have been working with the Town of Gander in a supervisory role providing Municipal Services and Projects. I have a great work ethic, strong commitment to everything I challenge and passion for doing what's right.
I am looking forward to putting my experience, knowledge, passion, voice, and time towards a Community Leader for this beautiful Town as a Councillor.

Please reach out at anytime via my Facebook Page " Corey Newhook for Gander Town Council" or messenger or email

Contact Information:


Phone: 7094222063

Social Media and/or Website: Facebook - Corey Newhook for Gander Town Council


Krystle West

Platform: Upon preparation for our By-Election I feel there are many topics of importance to our town. I value Businesses, Tourism, Inclusion and Diversity, Mental Health Awareness, and Public safety.

I support economic growth, through revisiting policies and visions that would help create businesses in the area. This would provide jobs for citizens and encourage tourism opportunities. Community development though encouraging engagement of local businesses by supporting initiatives and projects that benefit the community as a whole.

Cultural and recreational opportunities are values that are fostered through the evolving development of cultural, recreational, leisure facilities and events, which would promote diversity and provide opportunities for citizens to get more involved in our community.

Mental Health Awareness, that topic includes many avenues. Every day is about encouraging individuals to be aware and learn about various stages of Mental Health. An issue in our community right now is affordable housing, I am eager to be involved in the best possible solution(s) that can make life more manageable.
Public safety is a priority of mine. I plan to address safety concerns by bringing forward the conversations around crime prevention, reducing hazardous conditions, and police monitoring.

Biography: WHO IS SHE? Krystle West (Wellon) grew up in the small community of Ladle Cove, NL. Raised by her parents Philip and Bonita Wellon along with her siblings, Heather and Joshua.

POST SECONDARY: Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Diploma, College of the North Atlantic, Gander Campus.

CAREER: Gander International Airport. Working with Gander Flight Training followed by Newfoundland and Labrador Government Air Services.

BUSINESS: A proud accomplishment of hers is creating and opening XHEIGHT ZONE, Gander. Since opening its doors in November 2018, Krystle was nominated and received the ‘Women in Business’ award and recently received the ‘Inclusion and Diversity’ award from the Gander Women’s centre.

OTHER ROLES: Krystle works at a substitute student assistant with the NLESD. Dedicating her time diligently with youth having varying forms of intellectual, emotional and physical abilities. A mental health advocate who has facilitated a program called ‘The Working Mind’, taken Mental First Aid courses and completed Autism Awareness course. She is treasurer for the Navy League Sea Cadets Program and volunteers in the Town of Gander often. She gained an big opportunity to connect with families though Xheight Zone. Her caring, ambitious, enthusiastic and outgoing personality being the force that facilitates the connection. Krystle’s goal was to grow as a person and create an environment where everyone feels safe and welcome, which ensured inclusion and diversity.

Now she wants to bring that ATTITUDE to our Town Council.

Contact Information:


Phone: 7095714960

Social Media and/or Website: Facebook - FaceBook: Krystle for Council

Marcella White

Platform: Community, diverse business configuration, recreation, volunteers and supporting local are the key aspects in creating a strong foundation to build a town to its fullest potential.

This By-Election is not the same as a Municipal Election, you're voting for a candidate to join a town council that is more than half way through its term, instead of a full new council to reconfigure; a candidate is adding experience, time and talents to the mix. For me joining council would mean that I will bring fresh energy, ideas, experience and knowledge to compliment the current council in place. Going forward I will eagerly seek out community connections both profit and non-profit areas province wide to grow our economic base, recreational presence, senior advocacy, youth services, mental health programs, medical needs, arts and cultural festivals, outdoor facilities, all towards a common goal of advancement. Asking the tough questions looking for clarity is a part of the growth process.

Our town has so much new potential! Mining, exploration, tourism, small business, cultural diversity, recreation, conferences, the list goes on! All these new developments will expand the towns tax revenue base flowing into our infrastructure and community programs. A flourishing town will attract much needed medical personnel, skilled tradespeople, professionals, families, retirees – we have to sell our community has a place to work, play, relax and entertain!

A VOTE for Marcella White is a VOTE for the growth of Gander! A VOTE for enthusiasm, energy and desire to soar above all other municipalities!

Biography: Marcella White (or known as Marcie to most), originally from Lewisporte, who spent her whole professional career in Gander. Starting as an Administrative Assistant at Cecon Ltd and then to Gander Hyundai Limited for 16 years.  The automotive industry was a place of growth from Controller, Finance Manager, Assistant Manager and finally closing out her automotive career as General Manager.  The career was not the typical chosen path for many women at that time, the industry required confidence, strategic thinking, team work, resiliency and perseverance all the while balancing work/family life. 

In 2009, with her husband Darren White, they incorporated a family construction business Riverstone Construction Inc. which is still operating and flourishing province wide today. 

In addition to an accounting and business instinct, Marcella is an active volunteer.  Volunteering with The Matthew Sargent Foundation, 2024 NL Winter Games, Meals to Give, The Women of YQX, Lakeside Hiking Trail plus countless volunteering hours back in the day when her daughter Victoria was enrolled in our local schools, Silver Jets Skating Club, Gander Minor Hockey, AA Hockey, and Breakfast Program.  Her volunteering isn't limited to a social level she also volunteered her time and energy on community boards such as The Gander and Area Chamber of Commerce and CBDC Gander. Often described by many has an organizer, go getter, instigator, focused, goal oriented to name a few of her characteristics. 

Contact Information:


Phone: 709-424-2865

Advance Polls
June 10, 2023 from 8 a.m. - 8 p.m. at the Town Hall (100 Elizabeth Drive, Gander, NL).
Election Day
June 13, 2023 from 8 a.m. - 8 p.m. at the Steele Community Centre (155 Airport Blvd, Gander, NL).
Voting Requirements FAQ

Do I have to be ordinarily resident in the municipality for 30 days prior to the election day to be able to vote?

Yes. Whether or not someone is an ordinarily resident will depend on: whether they live and sleep in the municipality; whether they intend to return to the municipality when they are absent; and whether their family resides in the municipality. These are all factors that need to be considered when determining whether someone is ordinarily resident. Additionally, a person may only have one place of residency for the purposes of running as a candidate.

Please note that the Returning Officer has the sole discretion to determine whether a person has satisfied the required residency requirements.

Are post-secondary students considered residents?

Yes, if they meet the required residency requirements. However, a student has to choose where to vote as they are only allowed to vote in either the municipality where the student is residing while at school or in the municipality where the family home is located, but not in both.

What type of identification do I need to vote in a municipal election?

If you are already a registered voter, specific identification may not be required. However, you should confirm this with the Returning Officer. If you are not registered as a voter, you will likely be required to show satisfactory proof of your identification and residency.

Can a proxy vote be used at an advanced poll?

No, a proxy vote can only be used on election day.

For more information, please contact the Town Clerk's Office at 651-5901 or

Proxy Votes

Voting By Proxy In accordance with section 27 of the Act, to vote by proxy simply means that another qualified voter in the same municipality votes on behalf of an "impeditive voter" as defined by subsection 2(1) of the Act. An impeditive voter can request a proxy application from the Returning Officer.

The Returning Officer can only provide a proxy application directly to the impeditive voter or to his or her designated proxy. In order to vote by proxy, an impeditive voter or his or her proxy must return the proxy application to the Returning Officer outlining who is being designated as the proxy voter not later than 4:00 p.m. on the day before election day. Upon receiving such an application, and being satisfied that the requirements for proxy have been complied with the Returning Officer shall issue a Proxy Certificate.

This Proxy Certificate must be provided to the Returning Officer or Deputy Returning Officer at the polling division by the designated proxy voter before he/she can vote on behalf of the impeditive voter. It should be noted that no more than one Proxy Certificate can be issued for any one impeditive voter for an election unless the designated proxy dies or is unable to cast a vote because of illness or mental incapacity. As well, no person can act as a proxy voter for more than one impeditive voter in any one election.

Both MEF-11 - Proxy Application and MEF-12 - Proxy Certificate should be used for these purposes.

For more information, please contact the Town Clerk's Office at 651-5901 or

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