Starting a business can be both exciting and confusing. At the Town of Gander we are here to help navigate the necessary rules and procedures for you to start a business within the town. Using the online service Bizpal, you can get the information you need to proceed. There are many permits and licenses you may or may not need, depending on the type of products and services you are offering, as well as your location and method of delivery. Examples include: Starting or managing a business
  • Recruiting or hiring workers
  • Registering your business
  • Signs, billboards and other advertising
  • Home-based business
  • Obtaining tax certificates, exemptions, or other special taxation status
Construction, development and zoning
  • Constructing, renovating, demolishing or moving buildings
  • Development, including environmental assessments and zoning
  • Changing building occupancy or building use
  • Constructing roads or railways, including road cuts
  • Road and highway access, entrances, allowances
Electrical, plumbing, heating, pools, etc.
  • Electrical installations or changes, including electricity transmission
  • Gas hook-ups and installations
  • Heating and air conditioning
  • Plumbing, water connections, drainage, sewage and septic
Using roads, sidewalks, and public facilities
  • Closing, obstructing or changing access to a street, road or highway
Business and professional services
  • Financial, insurance or real estate services
Dangerous goods and waste
  • Handling explosives, fireworks, firearms, pesticides, dangerous substances, etc.
  • Treating or disposing of waste
Natural resources
  • Gas or oil pipelines, processing and storage
  • Open fires and other burning

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