Aerospace & Defense

Gander offers aviation and aerospace companies an opportunity to expand their infrastructure and operations in a strategic location that affords significant cost savings on the ground and easy access to both North American and European markets.

Our position is unique, not just geographically but in our ability to offer a competitive advantage through lower wage and benefits costs; tax incentives up to and including a 15-year tax abatement; wage and training subsidies; and the flexibility to meet your operational needs, from customized training to a skilled and dedicated labour force. Boasting advanced communications infrastructure and abundant water and power, Gander is the ideal location for companies interested in improving efficiency, reducing costs and increasing profitability without compromising quality. At Gander, Canada, you'll find real people, real support and real opportunity!

Aerospace Development Package


As the commercial hub for a regional population of some 85,000, the Town of Gander offers a full range of retail goods and services, from family-operated corner stores to multi-national franchisers. Some 470 businesses have made their home in Gander with an additional 65 enterprises registered in the home-based business sector.

Major auto makers are well represented, as are retail giants like Wal-Mart and the Canadian Tire Corporation and niche-market boutiques including Northern Reflections, Claire's, Suzy Shier and EB Games. Gander's diverse demographic provides an equal footing for local entrepreneurs and national heavyweights alike, as evidenced by the continued success of the local grocery Co-operative despite a major expansion of the Loblaw's Dominion outlet.

Retail Business Package

Industrial & Manufacturing

Gander is ideally situated and exceptionally well prepared to handle the growing demand anticipated for the Newfoundland manufacturing sector - from both the domestic resource sector and international markets.

New industrial space in Gander is limited, but expanding. As one of the largest municipalities within the Central Region and the only one with direct aviation resources, Gander offers many industrial land development opportunities for manufacturers looking to locate within the region. The Town is an ideally located community serving a trading area in excess of 85,000 people based on the town population of 12,000 and the 125 surrounding communities. There is a large skilled labour force from with to draw upon. Our region offers great long-term potential, with our willingness to discuss tax incentives, an affordable suitable land base, access to sources of manpower, and direct access to highway or air freight.

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