North Atlantic Aviation Museum

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Commonwealth War Graves Commission Cemetery

A constant reminder of the sacrifices made by the men and women of Canada and the Commonwealth. Learn More

Although our country was not subject to direct enemy attack during World War II, 6,395 of our servicemen gave their lives in Canada in the performance of their duties and now lie forever in the soil. With them rest many of their commonwealth brethren - a reminder to us that the rigors and dangers of battle are but part of the final price of victory. During the 1939-1945 war, air-reconnaissance planes and military defence forces were based at Gander, which was the headquarters of an anti-aircraft regiment of the Royal Canadian Army. Located 3.5 km east of Gander, the Commonwealth War Graves were set up near the airfield for the burials of casualties, mainly airmen who died in crashes in the area during the war. It contains 100 war graves. 94 of these graves are those of airmen, of whom 75 belonged to the Royal Canadian Air Force, 2 to the Royal Air Force, 2 to the Royal Australian Air Force, 5 to the Royal Air Force Ferry Command, 6 to the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve, and 4 to the British Overseas Airways Corporation. Of the 6 soldiers buried in the remaining graves, 5 belonged to the Royal Canadian Army and 1 to the British Army. Their graves, carefully marked and maintained in perpetuity, serve as a constant reminder to us of the ideals and sacrifices made by the men and women of Canada and the Commonwealth on our behalf.

Kittiwake Coast

Discover unspoiled nature that is beyond your imagination. Islands, sea coast, beaches, icebergs, whales, trails and plenty more. Learn More

Terra Nova National Park

The park's 400 square km of protected landscape is paradise. Explore sheltered bays, rugged seashore and rolling forested hills with numerous ponds and bogs. Learn More

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