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Town of Gander Flag (jpg)

The Town of Gander flag was designed in 1984 and reflects the proportions of the Canadian flag (2x1), with blue vertical bars framing a white square containing the Town of Gander crest and date of incorporation. A stylized bird or aircraft appears in gold at the top of each blue bar. The flag's predominant colours, blue and white, represent the water, sky and clouds. The gold represents sunlight and, as in the provincial flag, confidence in ourselves. The flag represents the Town of Gander at official municipal events and locations and its use is encouraged throughout the municipality. Where the Town of Gander flag is flown or displayed in combination with the provincial and national flags, it appears on the viewer's right, with the national flag in the centre. When flown or displayed in combination with other flags or standards, or when it must share a staff with another flag, appropriate precedence must be observed.

50th Anniversary Flag (jpg)

The 50th Anniversary flag was created for official use during 2008. It is modelled after the standard Town flag, with the anniversary logo replacing the Town crest in the centre section.

Town of Gander Coat of Arms (jpg)

Gander's Coat of Arms represents the Mayor and Council in documents and printed or web-based publications related to acts or decisions of the Town Council as a political body. It was granted October 15, 1993, by Chief Herald of Canada Robert Douglas Watt under the seal of the Heraldic Authority of Canada, according to the Law of Arms of Canada. The Arms are described as a white or silver (argent) shield bearing a blue (azure) roundel, representing the various air forces which helped establish, and continue to use, Gander as a staging point and service stop in global operations. A Canada Goose (Branta Canadensis) in flight is depicted crossing the roundel. Two wavy blue bars cross the bottom of the shield, representing the waters of the North Atlantic Ocean and Gander Lake. Resting atop the shield is a silver helmet with a gold hinge pin, mantled in a blue and silver wreath. Above the helmet, a blue and silver four-bladed airplane propeller rises from a bed of clouds. A silver and gold ribbon below the shield displays the motto, "Volet Gander", which translates as "Gander Soars". In heraldic terms, argent represents sincerity and peace, azure depicts strength and loyalty, and gold represents generosity, all qualities which have become synonymous with Gander's international reputation.

Town of Gander Corporate Seal (gif)

The corporate seal is used in legal and ceremonial documents to represent the Town of Gander as an incorporated municipality. It consists of a blue circle edged with gold cord, bearing the words, in gold lettering, "Town Council of the Town of Gander" and the date of incorporation. The circle surrounds the Town's Coat of Arms.

Town of Gander Crest (jpg)

The Town crest is the principal identifying mark of the municipality and is used to identify municipal property and equipment, as well as on souvenirs, promotional items and general print advertisements. The crest depicts a Gander in flight against a blue roundel, surrounded by a doubled blue circle. the words "Town of Gander" appear inside the circle, above and below the roundel.


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