Cobb's Pond Rotary Park

Located off Magee Road, Cobb's Pond Rotary Park is a tranquil family park that has much to offer. There are picnic and playground areas, plus a 4.5km boardwalk with a beautiful nature walk. Meander around the pond through wetlands and a forest composed of birch, aspen, fir and spruce trees.

Named for Mr. Alexander Cobb (a worker with the Newfoundland Railway Project in 1892) the park has gone through a multi-million dollar makeover during the last couple of years and is now one of the most visited parks in Newfoundland.

As part of the renovations, a new boardwalk was built - perfect for a peaceful walk with your family or dog. The trail does have some areas which are not board but the whole trail is wheelchair friendly. There are many new lookouts and picnic areas, including several observation decks that afford users scenic views of the pond and its wildlife. There are also many bird feeders located in trees near the trail allowing users to get an up close view of the squirrels and various birds that inhabit the area.

The pond is also a popular area for canoeing, kayaking and water sports. As would be expected, the area is commonly used for a variety of municipal events and celebrations.

Access to the Newfoundland T'Railway can be gained via the Reid Co. Trail that is found approximately 750m from the trail head. Washrooms are onsite and are wheelchair accessible.

There is a community building which is available to rent for private functions/meetings. Please visit the Cobb's Pond Rotary Park Community Building page for more information or call 709-651-5927.

All groups are welcome to use the park but please respect other users. Pick up your garbage and put it in the provided receptacles and please pick up after your pets (there are a number of doggie bag dispensers throughout the park).

Little Harbour Marina

Located approximately 10km west of Gander, Little Harbour offers access to freshwater boating on beautiful Gander Lake. The marina includes docking facilities, picnic and barbeque areas, as well as hiking trails. Since 1961, Little Harbour has been used by many avid boaters and families who enjoy the beauty and tranquility of a well-sheltered location.

Peacekeeper Park

The Silent Witnesses Memorial is located eastbound on the Trans-Canada Highway approximately 4km from Gander. It is a park dedicated to those individuals who lost their lives in the 1985 Arrow Air Crash at that site.

It was erected in response to the desires of many of the directly affected families throughout the United States and funded by the Newfoundland Masonic Fraternity and their Ladies Auxiliary. It embodies a true sense of community oneness and will permanently demonstrate the concern of the citizens of Gander for this sad and tragic loss.

Also located near the Silent Witnesses Memorial is the Cross of Sacrifice. Crafted from the remains of the emergency door of the ill fated DC8, the cross bears the inscription Rendez-vous With Destiny - the motto of the 101st Airborne Division. Surrounding the cross are planted 256 native trees - a living tribute to each of the crash victims.

The grounds have become known as Peacekeepers Park and are maintained by generous donations of visitors to the site. Take time out to visit this tranquil area and experience the peaceful atmosphere.

Thomas Howe Forest

The Thomas Howe Demonstration Forest is an informal, outdoor interpretive site. It is a demonstration area for people to learn about the forest and forest management techniques in Newfoundland and Labrador. The forest consists of 54km2 (20.9m2) of land located on the Gander International Airport Site. Thomas Howe was Newfoundland's first Chief Woods Ranger and spent his life managing and protecting the forests of Newfoundland. Along with picnic and restroom facilities, the demonstration forest boasts a network of three interpretive walking trails.

The P.G. Tipping Trail emphasizes forest management practices in Newfoundland such as strip harvesting and clear cutting. This trail also features the remains of a B-17G plane from World War II.

The Albert Martin Trail is the longest trail in the network, and is well marked and groomed. The trail focuses on various forest management practices used in Newfoundland such as shelterwood cutting and patch cutting. The Frank R. Hayward Trail begins at the parking lot by the interpretive pavilion. The trail is well marked and groomed, with directions and completion times for the other trails in the forest. This short walk concentrates on the ecology of forests and individual tree species.

Click here for a map of the trails

Gander Heritage Trails

Located off Circular Road, just north of the Gander International Airport, Phase 1 of the trail system covers 2.9kms throughout the old airport sectors of the town.


Heritage Memorial Park

Situated on the corner of Lindberg Road and Airport Boulevard is the beautiful Heritage Memorial Park. Envisage as a place of quiet thought and contemplation, visitors can view various monuments reflecting the aviation and military history of the community including a life size monument of Sgt. Gander and his handler.

Tree & Park Bench Memorial Program

The Civic Enhancement Committee, in conjunction with the Town of Gander's 50th Anniversary celebrations, has adopted a Memorial Park Bench and Tree Placement Program for public and business participation. The project will serve as a remembrance to the many people who helped make Gander the vibrant community it is today and, in addition, it will increase the number of trees within the town.

If you are interested in purchasing a tree or park bench in memory of a family member or friend, please call the Gander Community Centre Administration Office at 651-5927 for more information.

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