Canada is a beautiful clean country with many natural and cultural attractions. The Province of Newfoundland and Labrador has a vibrant musical and theatrical tradition and is home to some of Canada's best salmon fishing rivers. Gander is a prosperous community offering an excellent school system and a broad range of cultural and recreational activities. Gander is also within an hour's drive of Terra Nova National Park, and "Iceberg Alley" where whales and icebergs meet.
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Residential Information

Gander has a variety of apartments, condominiums, houses and residential care centres to meet every need. Single Family Detached Housing: Gander offers houses in a range of sizes, prices and locations. Beautiful homes are available in both the older and newer sections of town. General housing information is as follows:
Average lot size: 18.3 x 36.6 m (60 x 120 ft)
Large lot size: 21.4 x 45.8 m (70 x 150 ft)
Small lot size: 15.3 x 30.5 m (50 x 100 ft)
Average home cost: $240,000 CAD
Low home cost: $110,000 CAD
High home cost: $450,000 CAD

Rental Accommodations

Rental Accommodation
1 Bedroom
2 Bedroom
3 Bedroom
Laundry Facilities
Security(front door)
Edgewood Apartments
Gander Apartments
Birchview Apts
Pinetree Development Ltd.
1 Building Only
Quimby Park Apartments
Regency Apartments

Seniors Accommodations

The community has senior's apartments, cottages and a housing development dedicated exclusively to the needs of the retired.

The Golden Years Estate

More information to come! For more information: Golden Years Estate 100 Magee Road Gander, NL, Canada A1V 2R3 Tel: 709-651-7363 Email: amycoadydavis@tgyestate.com

Lakeside Homes

Lakeside Homes is a long-term care facility for 102 residents requiring Level II to IV nursing care. A full range of services are offered to residents on-site, including nursing, medical, social work, dietary, physiotherapy, recreational and personal. Pastoral care services and volunteer services are also available to enhance quality of life. A protective care unit, with 26 beds, is available for those with Alzheimer's Disease and related disorders. A respite care bed is also available for community use. For more information: Lakeside Homes 95 Airport Blvd. Gander, NL, Canada A1V 2L7 Tel: 709-256-8850 | Fax: 709-256-4259

Golden Legion Manor

The Golden Legion Manor, designed for retired and elderly people, is comprised of 102 stretcher, wheel chair and special needs accessible units. Four units are designed for wheel chair confined residents. Services offered include Meals-on-Wheels, church, bingo, cards and laundry facilities. Victorian Order of Nurses is available and provides bedside care to residents living in the Manor. For more information: Golden Legion Manor 46 Memorial Drive Gander, NL, Canada A1V 2R9 Tel: 709-651-2990

Nightingale Manor

This home is located in a new residential sub-division between Cooper and Byrd Avenue. The home is licensed for level 1 & 2 care. There are private, semi-private and executive suites. Executive suites have a built-in kitchenette. Private rooms are single rooms with a bathroom but no kitchen, while semi-private rooms have two people in a room. The living room is spacious enough to fit 72 people. The home will also include chapel, quiet rooms, lounge/TV room, smoke room, beauty salon, and numerous sitting rooms throughout the home. For more information: Nightingale Manor 11 Hadfield Place Gander, NL A1V 2V6 Tel: 709-256-3711 | Fax: 709-256-3712


The Nova Central School District directs three schools in Gander accommodating approximately 2000 students from Kindergarten to Grade 12. The schools offer a variety of programs including French Immersion. Details with respect to program offerings may be acquired directly from the schools:

Gander Academy (K-6)

Fraser Road Gander, NL, Canada A1V 1K8 Tel: 709-256-8531 | Fax: 709-256-8551

St. Paul's Intermediate (7-9)

5 Magee Road Gander, NL, Canada A1V 1W1 Tel: 709-256-8404 | Fax: 709-256-8793

Gander Collegiate (10-12)

3 Magee Road Gander, NL, Canada A1V 1W1 Tel: 709-256-2581 | Fax: 709-651-2986

Nova Central School District

203 Elizabeth Drive Gander, NL, Canada A1V 1H6 Tel: 709-256-2547 | Fax: 709-651-3044


College of the North Atlantic

The College of the North Atlantic is a large multi-campus provincial college with 17 campuses in Newfoundland and Labrador and one in the Middle Eastern state of Qatar. The College offers over 100 full-time and 300 part-time programs. Gander Campus is designated as the Center of Excellence for Aviation for the College. This profile was strengthened in the fall of 2010 as an international partnership was developed between the College and Lufthansa Technical Training. This partnership is intended to enable the Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Technician students at Gander Campus to receive European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) certification, in addition to meeting Canadian and American standards. Not simply an Aircraft Maintenance training facility, however, the Gander Campus of the College of the North Atlantic also offers diploma and certificate programs for the Schools of Industrial Trades and Academics as well as the common first year for most CNA Engineering Technology programs.
Our slate of programs includes: - Adult Basic Education (Levels I, II and III) - Aircraft Structural Repair Technician (1 year) - Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Technician (2 years) - Automotive Service Technician - Entry Level (1 year) - Automotive Service Technician - Apprenticeship (8-week blocks) - Comprehensive Arts and Sciences: College Transition (2 semesters) - First-year Engineering Technology (1 year) - Hairstylist (1 year) - Instrumentation and Control Technician (1 year) - Marine Cooking (42-week contract) Specialty and custom-designed programs can also be offered for organizations and industry in conjunction with the College's Contract Training and Continuing Education Division.
Contact Information College of the North Atlantic - Gander Campus Magee Road
Tel: 709-651-4800 Click external_link_icon here for more information on the College of the North Atlantic.

Gander Aerospace Training Centre (GATC)

The Gander Aerospace Training Centre (GATC) is located at the Gander International Airport, and specializes in aircraft composite and bonding design, manufacturing and repair. GATC provides industry specific training for employees of aviation manufacturing and repair companies, as well as recurrent training to Aircraft Maintenance and Structural Repair Technicians and Engineers. Contact Information Gander Aerospace Training Centre Tel: 709-256-7484 | Toll Free: 1-877-438-2359 Click external_link_icon here for more information on The Gander Aerospace Training Centre

Gander Flight Training (GFT)

Gander Flight Training offers private and commercial pilot license training for fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft and is located in its own hangar at Gander International Airport. Gander Flight Training is a division of Exploits Valley Air Services Ltd., and is registered with the Provincial Department of Education, is a member of the Air Transport Association of Canada (ATAC), and is Transport Canada certified. GFT's instructors are committed to offering quality one-on-one instruction to ensure training is focused on individual goals. Training - Recreational - Private - Commercial - Night Rate Rating - VFR Over-the-Top - Multi-Engine - Instrument Rating - Flight Instructor - Float Rating - Advanced Float - Integrated Commercial - Pilot Diploma - Helicopter - Summer Wings Program Contact Information Gander Flight Training Tel: 709-256-7484 | Toll Free: 1-877-438-2359 Click external_link_icon here for more information on Gander Flight Training.

Keyin College - Gander Campus

Keyin College began in 1980 and rapidly became a leading private post-secondary college with campuses throughout Eastern Canada. Keyin's curriculum is designed to offer skills training that prepares its students for the demands of today's competitive marketplace. With such a focus, it is easy to see why Keyin College has been producing graduates who are prepared to meet the demands and challenges of the ever-changing business world for the past twenty years. Programs - Gander Campus - Computer Studies - Business Management - Office Administration - Software and Systems Administration - Microcomputer Programming - Therapeutic Recreation Contact Information Keyin College - Gander Campus 2nd Floor, Fraser Mall Tel: 709-651-8560 | Toll Free: 1-800-563-8969 Fax: 709-651-8565 Click external_link_icon here for more information on Keyin College - Gander Campus.

Health Care

Gander is a service centre for a population of some 84,000 people, offering a wide range of health services. In addition to the fully accredited regional hospital, there are various specialty clinics in physiotherapy, rehabilitation, chiropractic, optometry, community health and dentistry.


James Paton Memorial Regional Health Centre (JPMRHC) is a scent-free, regional referral centre with a 106 bed capacity operated by the Central Regional Integrated Health Authority, a volunteer board under the direction of, and fully funded by, the Provincial Department of Health. JPMRHC offers a full spectrum of medical and surgical services with consultants in Emergency Medicine, General Surgery, Vascular Surgery, Obstetrics/Gynaecology, Paediatrics, Orthopaedics, Psychiatry, Ophthalmology, Internal Medicine, Radiology, Pathology, and Anaesthesiology.
The hospital also hosts visiting specialists in Urology, Rheumatology, Dermatology, Neurology, Interventional Radiology, Nephrology, Medical Oncology and Radiation Oncology. JPMRHC has a modern, fully equipped emergency department comprised of two trauma bays & cardiac resuscitation rooms, an advanced medical and surgical critical care unit, a five suite operating room facility & PAC clinic, a gastrointestinal endoscopy & minor procedures unit as well as an onsite Newfoundland Cancer Centre.
JPMRHC has a close affiliation with the Faculty of Medicine, Memorial University, and is involved in all levels of undergraduate and post-graduate medical education and training including medical students, interns and residents. To complement the medical services provided, the hospital has a dedicated nursing department and a full range of diagnostic and treatment departments including: Laboratory, Nuclear Medicine, CT, Ultrasound, Digital Mammography, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Respiratory Therapy (including Asthma Clinic), Speech and Hearing, Pharmacy, Social Work, Psychology, Therapeutic Dietetics and Diabetes.
In addition, a number of community based services are housed within this facility: Health Protection, Environmental Health and Mental Health and Addictions Services. Gander's advanced communications technologies have allowed sophisticated initiatives in medical technology. As a result, Central Health boasts one of the leading Health Care Information Systems in Canada. The Board's technology and expertise have facilitated the development of a region wide electronic health record and allow James Paton Memorial Regional Health Centre to provide 24-hour support to its rural health centres. Examples of the technology in use include the Picture Archiving and Communications System (PACS), utilizing digital diagnostic imaging to send images from rural health centres to James Paton Memorial Regional Health Centre for diagnosis; Telemedicine, Telepathology, and video-conferencing.
For more information: James Paton Memorial Regional Health Centre 125 Trans Canada Highway
Gander, NL, Canada A1V 1P7 Tel: 709-256-2500 | Fax: 709-256-7800
Website: external_link_icon www.centralhealth.nl.ca
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Volunteer Services

Gander has approximately 65 different community groups and volunteer organizations, covering a wide range of interests and services, such as sports, health, service groups, and religion. Contact information is available in the Gander Business Directory.

Protection Services

Crime Rate

Gander's excellent quality of life is reflected in its low crime rate. The total number of crimes in relation to property, violence, drug charges and criminal code offences for 1999 is 1,233. The low incidence of crime may be explained by the large involvement in community life and the opportunities presented to Gander's youth and the population as a whole. The community offers many recreational activities, summer programs, school and church groups, as well as quality entertainment and activities for different age groups; thus, making Gander an excellent town to raise a family.

Law Enforcement

The Gander area has a complement of law enforcement agencies, each being responsible for the administration of various jurisdictions.

Municipal Enforcement Department

The Town of Gander Municipal Enforcement Department has three police officers. The Town's police officers enforce all municipal regulations within the Town's boundaries and perform duties that include traffic enforcement, school safety monitoring and protection of homes and businesses, as well as animal control services. The Town of Gander Police Department's office is located at the Gander RCMP Detachment at 301 James Boulevard. You can contact the Municipal Police Department by calling 709-256-4065 or Fax: 709-256-6846.
For more information: Town of Gander 100 Elizabeth Drive Gander,
NL, Canada A1V 1G7
Tel: 709-256-4065 Fax: 709-256-2124

Royal Canadian Mounted Police

The RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) are represented in the Town of Gander by Gander District Headquarters and the Gander Airport Detachment, which are located at 301 James Boulevard. Gander District Headquarters supervises all RCMP detachments in the Gander area, as well as the RCMP detachments at Lewisporte, Twillingate and Fogo. The Gander Detachment (12 officers and 2 civilians) is mainly responsible for general law enforcement duties in the Gander area.
The detachment's jurisdiction includes the Town of Gander, the region from west to the Glenwood overpass and east to the Gambo overpass. Gander District Headquarters also includes a number of specialist units. These include a General Investigation Unit (GIU), Federal Enforcement Section, Drug Section, and the RCMP Communications Centre. In addition, a separate RCMP facility located at Gander International Airport houses a National Security Intelligence Section, and a three-man Telecommunications Workshop.
For more information:
NCO Incharge Gander Detachment RCM Police P.O. Box 366 301 James Blvd
Gander, NL, Canada A1V 1W7
Tel: 709-256-6841 Fax: 709-256-6846

Military Police

The CFB 9 Wing Gander Military Police Detachment is responsible for providing police services at 9 Wing Gander and at various high-security off-base facilities, as well as for military housing and property located in the Town of Gander. Military Police officers are also called upon to conduct investigations throughout the province on an as-required basis. The 9 Wing Gander Military Police Department has a strength of 10 police officers, and is located in Building 86 at CFB 9-Wing Gander.
For more information:
Military Police 9 Wing Gander P.O. Box 3000
Gander, NL, Canada A1V 1X1
Tel: 709-256-1703 (ext. 428 or 125)

Fire Protection

Ready to respond to any emergency, Gander Fire Rescue is a fully equipped modern firefighting and rescue service with a compliment of five full time, two part time and 43 volunteer members. Emergency calls can be made by calling 256-1111. The department also monitors many private and government building alarm systems, as well as direct lines to police and ambulance. The department is equipped with two triple combination pumper trucks, one quad aerial ladder/pumper, one rescue/pumper, one tanker/pumper, multi-function mobile command vehicle, four wheel drive pick-up, as well as vehicles for the Fire Chief and Fire Inspector.
The department serves the community of Gander and provides response to local area highways to perform rescue services. Gander Fire Rescue operates its own training school located just west of the community. (Gander Fire Rescue's training program is recognized by the provincial fire authorities for certification of firefighters.) Gander Fire Rescue provides fire inspection services within the community, as well as fire prevention and fire safety education. Gander was named a NFPA Learn Not to Burn Champion community for its fire safety education efforts in 1996.
Due to the high quality of fire and rescue services, training, equipment, and other efforts, insurance underwriters for a fire department in its category have given the Town of Gander the highest rating allowable. Gander Fire Rescue is recognized as a leader within the region and the province.
For more information: Gander Fire Rescue Town of Gander P.O. Box 280
Gander, NL, Canada A1V 1W6
Tel: 709-256-8887 | Fax: 709-256-4172

Culture & Recreation

Gander is the service centre for a large area and as such, is home to a wide array of cultural and recreational amenities. Gander's facilities are managed by a number of organizations, ranging from the municipality, the province, CFB 9 Wing Gander and various community groups. Municipal Recreation Services The Town of Gander supports and operates the Gander Community Centre, parks, playgrounds and recreational programs year-round. Outdoor facilities include two regulation-sized baseball diamonds, soccer fields, basketball courts, tennis courts, playgrounds, slo-pitch fields and children's swimming pool.
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