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 Welcome To Gander
Gander Business Directory 
Business Start-Up Guide
Home-Based Business Guide
Off-Road Vehicle Usage Guidelines
Contractor OH&S Guidelines 
All Way Stop Infographic
Tips for Safe Cycling
Cycling and the Law
Chloramine Fact Sheet
Residential Clean-up Rules and Procedures
Town Map
Buying Power - Retail Opportunities in Gander, Canada
Real Opportunity - Aerospace Development Profile
Snow Clearing: Frequently Asked Questions
Simple Solution To Cloudy Tap Water

Plans & Reports

Communications Plan
2019 Proposed Changes to ATV Regulations
Chloramination Fact Sheet
Chloramination Study DMG
Monochloramine in Drinking Water
Chloramination Map of Canada
Recreation Master PlanCommissioner's Report Re-zoning Amendment for 151 TCH Application September 2017
Recreation Master PlanGander Multiplex Report
Recreation Master PlanSecond Ice Surface Final Report
Recreation Master PlanATV Sub Committee Public Forum Presentation 2016
Recreation Master PlanRecreation Master Plan 
 Wetland Stewardship Management Plan
Commissioner's Report - Roe Re-zoningCommissioner's Report - Roe Re-zoning
2014 Water Quality ReportWater Quality Report - 2014
Little Cobb's Pond Hydrological/Hydrogeological StudyLittle Cobb's Pond Hydrological/Hydrogeological Study
Affordable Housing Needs AssessmentAffordable Housing Needs Assessment - Final Report
Water Quality Report - Spring 2014Water Quality Report - Spring 2014
Water Quality Report - Winter 2014Water Quality Report - Winter 2014
Strategic Plan 2015-19Strategic Plan 2015-19
2013 Water Quality ReportWater Quality Report - 2013
2013 Traffic Study Final Report - Feb. 25, 2014
Flooding Fact Sheet - Aug. 30-31, 2013
Water Quality Report - Jan. 23, 2012
10 Years of Economic & Social Development - 2001-2010
Auditor's Report - Year ended Dec. 31, 2017 
Auditor's Report - Year ended Dec. 31, 2016
Auditor's Report - Year ended Dec. 31, 2015
Auditor's Report - Year ended Dec. 31, 2014
Auditor's Report - Year ended Dec. 31, 2013
Auditor's Report - Year ended Dec. 31, 2012
Auditor's Report - Year ended Dec. 31, 2011
Auditor's Report - Year ended Dec. 31, 2010
Auditor's Report - Year ended Dec. 31, 2009
Integrated Community Sustainability Plan - Final Report
Strategic Plan for Economic & Social Development
Report: Wastewater Treatment Study
Cobb's Pond Rotary Park Development Plan
Cobb's Pond Rotary Park Conceptual Artwork
1935 Hall-Vatcher Reports
1935 Hall-Vatcher Maps
Gander's First Town Plan - 1957
Cooper Boulevard Access Study
Cooper Boulevard - Roe Avenue Intersection Assessment
Cooper Boulevard Pedestrian Crossing Study
Gander Academy Transportation Study 2017
Cooper Boulevard Corridor Transportation Study

Town of Gander Municipal Plan 2009-2019

Background Report
Gander Municipal Plan
Development Regulations
Land Use Zoning Map 1
Land Use Zoning Map 2
Future Land Use Zoning Map 1
Future Land Use Zoning Map 2
Schedule E Airport Area Building Heights Constraints
Commissioner's Report

Proposed Town of Gander Municipal Plan 2020-2030 (DRAFT ONLY)

Background Report
Gander Municipal Plan 
Development Regulations
Land Use Zoning

Downtown Redevelopment Plan

Text of Redevelopment Plan
Site Plans
Facade Concepts
Design Features


Building Permit Application
Sign Permit Application
Special Event Application
Email Authorization Form
Development Application
Website Linkage Application
Pre-Authorized Debit Agreement
Application for Property Tax Reduction
Application for Mobility Impaired Parking Permit
Grants, Subsidies & In-Kind Services Policy &Forms

Building Regulations

pdficonOccupancy and Maintenance Regulations
pdficonFence Regulations 2016
pdficonMandatory Inspections 2016
pdficonDesign Standards for Streets & Subdivisions
pdficonLandscape Regulations (Residential)
pdficonLandscape Regulations (Non-residential)
pdficonSubsidiary Apartments
pdficonAccessory Buildings
pdficonCommercial Buildings
pdficonMandatory Inspections
pdficonPatio, Decks and Balconies Regulations
pdficonResidential Buildings
pdficonBuildings Accessibility Act
pdficonSwimming Pools


pdficonPatios, Decks and Balconies
pdficonMandatory Inspections 2020
pdficonLandscape Regulations (Residential) 
pdficonNon-Residential Construction
pdficonResidential Construction
pdficonSwimming Pools 
pdficonSubsidary Apartments


pdficonAccessory Building Regulations
pdficonAdult Material Display
pdficonAirgun Bylaw
pdficonAll-Terrain Vehicle Regulations
pdficonAnimal Control Regulations
pdficonBuilding Regulations
pdficonBus Regulations
pdficonCivic Address Numbering Regulations

pdficonEavestrough and Downpipe Regulations
pdficonFence Regulations
pdficonFire Alarm System, Signal and Monitoring Regulations
pdficonGarbage & Refuse Regulations
pdficonLandscaping Regulations (Residential)
pdficonLandscaping Regulations (Non-Residential)
pdficonMandatory Inspections
pdficonMunicipal Coat of Arms, Flag and Crest Usage
pdficonNuisance Regulations
pdficonOccupancy Regulations
pdficonOpen Outdoor Fire, Incinerator & Outdoor Fireplace Regulations
pdficonPatio Regulations
pdficonPatios for Town Owned Parking Lots Regulations
pdficonPlayground & Recreational Areas Regulations
pdficonSign Regulations
pdficonSmoke Detector Regulations
pdficonSubsidiary Apartments/Secondary Suites Regulations
pdficonSwimming Pool Regulations
pdficonTaxi and Limousine Regulations 2016
pdficonTraffic Regulations
pdficonVendor Regulations
pdficonProtection of Water Supply Regulations

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