The Engineering & Technical Service Division administers the Town Plan, the Zoning Bylaws, the National Building Code, the National Fire Code, the Occupancy and Maintenance Bylaw and numerous other municipal bylaws and codes. It also provides the technical support services to enable project management planning and design. They also deal with construction of approved Municipal Capital Projects such as sewers, roads, sidewalks, buildings, etc. The division is located in the Town Hall on Elizabeth Drive.

The various services provided by the Engineering Division can be categorized as follows: Construction, project planning and design, development control, associated complaints handling, and technical services. Day-to-day activities include reports to Council, the processing of building, occupancy and development permits, utility pole permits, subdivision applications, requests for zoning changes, GIS mapping & updates as well as, answering general inquiries from Councillors, other departments and from the general public.

Miscellaneous activities include the revision and updating of standard drawings, maintenance of the street number system, maintenance of the plan files and other Public Works Department project files. Other activities include building inspections, and other related inspections under the Occupancy and Maintenance Bylaw.

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