Let's Talk Budget

The Town Council of Gander is focused on fiscally responsible core service delivery. In order to ensure the long-term financial health of our municipality we must balance our needs and expectations with our financial means and be proactive and innovative in keeping our services affordable. We will continue to make informed decisions to ensure a sound financial future.

Each year, the Town of Gander produces a balanced budget. A balanced budget means that money coming in must equal money going out. The budget is comprised of two main components – capital and operating. Revenue is collected through property taxes, water and sewer fees, user fees, and grants and subsidies.

The Town budget is completed and reviewed with senior management and Council, and then adopted in late 2022.

Budget 2023 Survey Results

In an effort to help create a 2023 budget that reflects the needs of the community, the Town of Gander sought input from residents, businesses, and community groups through in-person consultations and an online survey. The survey was open for 3 weeks and 397 responses were received. Council and the Senior Management Team met to read through all 397 responses and are appreciative of those who contributed their valuable time, honest information, and thoughtful suggestions.

View a summary of the data collected here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/results/SM-5vln72DEwzrUdx8b89itNQ_3D_3D/ 


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