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Fall Clean Up Week

Dates for the 2023 Fall Clean Up are October 16-27, 2023.

The residential clean-up procedure is as follows: 

  • All streets will be completed once during each week of the clean-up period. 
  • Clean-up refuse will be collected on the day of your scheduled household garbage collection and must be at curbside no later than 8 a.m. 
  • Refuse must not be put out before or after your scheduled dates for clean-up. 
  • Small items must be contained. 
  • Refuse not properly sorted will not be collected. 

Due to safety concerns and time constraints, it is important that refuse is placed into five (5) separate piles at the curbside as indicated. There will be no curbside collection from homes deemed non-compliant. 

Pile 1:   As per CNWM, Regular household/kitchen garbage and recyclables, in the appropriate clear or blue bag. 

Pile 2:   Metals, including large appliances made mostly of metal. 

Pile 3:   Branches, tied and bundled (Max. 50lb/ 5ft lengths). 

Pile 4:   Construction and demolition material including wood, lumber, wooden chairs & tables, wooden dresser/desk. Nails must be removed or completely bent into wood.  (Max. 50lb/ 5ft lengths). 

Pile 5:  Other refuse, including covered furniture, mattresses, plastic debris, bicycle tires, including offroad vehicle tires that are not accepted at local tire supply stores. 

-   All loose material (Gyproc, glass, shingles, ceramic tiles, etc.) must be in appropriate container (max. 50lb per container). Vinal siding (Bundled, Max. 50lb/ 5ft lengths). 

-   Broken glass must be clearly marked and properly contained. 

The following items will not be collected: 

  • Rocks, gravel or concrete 
  • Electronics (Computer, TV’s, Etc.) 
  • Garden Waste (Trees, Grass, Leaves, Etc.) 
  • Hazardous waste (Propane tanks, Paint, Pesticides, Oil, etc.) 
  • Vehicle Tires (local tire supply stores will accept used tires) 

Please note, this clean-up event is for Town of Gander residents only; contractor-generated debris or refuse brought in from other communities will not be collected. 

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