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Cluster Developments

Following a Public Briefing session held on March 30, 2023, the Development Regulations Amendment #5, 2023, was adopted unanimously by Council at the Aug 30, 2023, Regular meeting,

This amendment introduced changes to the Town of Gander Development Regulations 2019-2029 to accommodate “Cluster Developments” in some zones within the Towns Planning Area and Municipal Boundaries, at Council’s discretion.

Cluster development means a development that has two or more buildings on a single property. These buildings can consist of single homes, semi-detached dwellings, row dwellings, apartment buildings, duplexes, town houses, residences or commercial uses. Cluster developments have more efficient site design, preserve open spaces, lower construction costs, and lower maintenance costs in the delivery of services. 

The amendment will allow more flexibility around constructing multiple buildings on a single lot - meeting a growing need for more diverse and affordable housing. This new standard furthers the Town’s goal to create residential neighbourhoods that are inclusive, and supports people of different ages, abilities, and incomes.

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