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Underutilized Land Sales

Robertson Avenue: Request For Proposal


The Town Council of the Town of Gander is pleased to announce the initiation of this Request for Proposal (RFP) as a proactive measure to address the evolving housing needs of our community and promote sustainable growth.

The Council is committed to fostering a vibrant and inclusive environment, recognizing the increasing demand for diverse housing options. In this pursuit, the Council has identified the Robertson Avenue area, characterized by underutilized land, as a prime opportunity to contribute significantly to our community's housing solutions.


Meeting Housing Demand: Gander has experienced a notable surge in demand for diverse housing options, necessitated by changing demographics. To address this demand, the Council is eager to explore proposals that encompass a range of housing models, including cluster developments, apartment buildings, and multiplexes.

Zoning Compliance: Emphasizing adherence to Residential Medium Density zoning for the Robertson Avenue land, the Council seeks proposals that align with established guidelines. This approach ensures the creation of developments that seamlessly integrate into the existing fabric of our community.

Inclusivity and Diversity: The Council is steadfast in its commitment to promoting inclusive, equitable, and diverse housing options. Proposals are encouraged to outline strategies for achieving these goals, such as incorporating affordability and accessibility.


The Robertson Avenue area, currently an underutilized resource, holds significant potential to address the community's housing needs responsibly. Through this RFP, the Council invites proposals that leverage this opportunity, fostering development that not only meets housing demands but also enhances the overall fabric of our town.

Benefits and potential for this area include:

Proximity to Retail Core: The Robertson Avenue area's strategic location offers proximity to the retail core, enhancing accessibility to essential services.

Walkability to Services: The development's walkability to various services is a key advantage, contributing to a more connected and convenient living experience.

Integration into Existing Neighborhood: The Council encourages proposals that promote seamless integration into the existing neighborhood, enhancing the overall cohesiveness of the community.


In adherence to the Municipalities Act, the Council retains the right to consider social and economic development grounds when evaluating proposals. This flexibility enables us to prioritize projects that contribute not only to housing solutions but also to the broader well-being and growth of our community.


While we are committed to meeting the evolving needs of our community, the Council acknowledges the importance of striking a balance. Development must not come at all costs, but rather, we seek solutions that are tailored to our unique challenges in growth, diversity, and inclusion. The Council encourages proposals that reflect a thoughtful approach, mindful of the delicate equilibrium needed for sustainable and harmonious community development.

The Town Council of the Town of Gander looks forward to innovative proposals that contribute to our vision for a dynamic, inclusive, and sustainable community.

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