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Infill Developments

Infill developments means the construction of new buildings or the redevelopment of underutilized or vacant land within an existing built-up area. Infill developments can help create more housing options in areas that are already established, which can help reduce urban sprawl and improve walkability.

Previously, proposed infill locations on Bennett Drive, Johnson Crescent, Nungesser Avenue, Magee Road, and Grandy Avenue were identified as aligning with the Town of Gander’s vision of addressing specific housing needs in our town, while considering each site's unique attributes. 

The Committee recommended the following for the five proposed infill sites:

  • High Density 2 zoning with specific buffers (20 m and 5 m, respectively) for Bennett Drive and Johnson Crescent. 
  • Advancing Nungesser Avenue's infill re-zoning, with technical considerations. 
  • Developing a strategy for the land on Magee Road currently zoned as Commercial Local. 
  • Removing Grandy Avenue from the zoning request due to market factors.

We believe these infill locations reflect a thoughtful approach, considering density, proximity to amenities, and community impact. The recommendations result from meticulous analysis and community engagement, aiming to benefit our residents and Gander's growth and prosperity.

Proposed land to re-zone for Infill Developments

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