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Make a difference...volunteer

Are you ready to make an impact on your community while gaining invaluable skills and experiences?

Join Gander Fire Rescue as a firefighter and become a vital part of a dedicated team committed to safeguarding lives and property. As a firefighter, you'll enjoy numerous benefits, both for your community and for yourself.

Benefits to the community

Fire Protection: Respond to fire incidents, rescue individuals from burning buildings, and suppress fires using specialized equipment and techniques.

Vehicular Crashes: Provide assistance to police and medical personnel at scenes of accidents, offering a well-rounded response to emergencies.

Hazardous Materials: Contribute to the containment of hazardous materials, ensuring a safer environment for everyone.

Community Support: Establish a stable and trustworthy relationship with residents, offering a dependable support system in times of crisis.

Educational Talks: Deliver safety talks to residents, children, and seniors, empowering citizens with knowledge about potential hazards and how to stay safe

First Aid Training: Gain first-aid training and the ability to perform emergency medical management; providing critical medical assistance until EMS arrive on the scene.

Benefits to you:

Career Advancement: Gain valuable workplace experience as a volunteer that can enhance your career prospects in various fields. Additionally, volunteers gain specialized driving skills on Fire Service vehicles.

Resume Boost: Showcase your commitment and responsibility through respectable volunteer work, enhancing your resume and standing out to potential employers - including Level 1/2 Firefighter, Pump Operator, Hazardous Materials Management, Fire Services Instructor and more...

First-Aid Training: Acquire essential first-aid skills that can benefit your future career choices and be applied in everyday situations.

Crisis Management Skills: Develop knowledge and skills to confidently handle dangerous situations, both in emergencies and real-life scenarios.

Community Connection: Forge strong connections within your community, building relationships that extend beyond emergency response.

Personal Fulfillment: Experience a profound sense of purpose and fulfillment by making a positive impact on those in need.

Friendship Bonds: Form lasting friendships and bonds with fellow firefighters who share your commitment to service.

Responsibilities and expectations:

Firefighters at Gander Fire Rescue play a critical role and should be prepared for various challenges:

  • Collaborate effectively as a team member during incidents of uncertain duration.
  • Endure extended periods outdoors in diverse weather conditions.
  • Perform physically demanding tasks in diverse conditions and environments, while wearing protective gear.
  • Operate in various weather conditions and environments, such as rooftops and ladders.
  • Tackle tasks at extreme heights and confined spaces, ensuring safety for all.
  • Handle personal protective equipment weighing approximately 50 lbs. during firefighting duties.
  • Practice mindfulness when encountering potential hazards.
  • Rely on your senses to make crucial decisions in chaotic, high-pressure situations.

Ready to make a difference?

Join Gander Fire Rescue as a firefighter and become part of a close-knit team dedicated to saving lives, supporting the community, and fostering personal growth. Your commitment will leave a lasting impact, and your experiences will shape you into a stronger, more resilient individual. Take the first step toward a rewarding journey with Gander Fire Rescue!

Applicant Requirements:

  • Must be a resident of the Town of Gander.
  • Must be at least 18 years of age.
  • Possess a Valid Driver’s License.
  • Highschool Diploma or equivalent.
  • Clear court and criminal record check (You can and should apply for your criminal record check immediately as your acceptance will depend on our receipt of a clear background check).
  • Must be able to meet physical fitness requirements (FPAT) Requirement document enclosed..
  • Please fill out and return the Application Form to Gander Fire Rescue.

More Information:

Tel: 709-256-8887
85 Raynham Avenue, Gander, NL


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